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Graffiti auf Gartenhaus im Grünen !

WP_20150502_005Im Auftrag gestaltete der Künstler Lars Kesseler alias Lake13 ein
Gartenhäuschen im Grünen (Eilendorf, Germany). Eine großformatige Blume
und Schmetterling schmücken nun das Häuschen!

Dschungel auf Fassade !

Dschungelmotiv auf Eilendorfer Fassade. Im Auftrag der Eigentümer gestaltete
der Künstler Lars Kesseler (alias LAKE13) das farbenfrohe Kunstwerk.


We wish you a
Happy Easter and
relaxing holidays!

LAKE T-shirts now available at different shops!

All shirts and clothes from
the artist and designer
LAKE13 (Lars Kesseler) are
highly limited and have a
composition with typically
graffiti-elements and prints.
Now the T-shirts conquer
the shops in the citys!

Ludwig Forum Shop (Aachen)
47 Skate Shop (Aachen)
Vandalismdoesntexist (Aachen)

Graffiti Workshop at football-ground!

June 2010, well-timed with
the football world-cup!
Graffiti-Workshop at the
football-ground / Robert-
Kochstrasse Aachen.
The Kids became an
professionally instruction by
the artist LAKE13.
Sponsored by: SJD Falken Aachen and Youth-club Proko.
Graffiti-workshop at the newspaper (AN):

PAINT and RUN Collection !

…New PAINT and Run Collection!…
Different T-Shirts and Sweater artworks by the
artist and designer LAKE13. The T-Shirt have a
big Bubble Style at the front: „Baise toi“
(french speaking people know this words).

Available in dark-blue for boys and in sky-blue
for the girls at the VandalismDoesnt
Exist Showroom (Südstrasse 34A –
52064 Aachen) or at selected shops near you.
All Shirts are highly limited!

Urban Bathroom Design

Richly coloured and
harmonised with the interior
of the room, came this
refreshing new face of
the bathroom. Painted on
commision for private client.
Design and artwork by the
street-artist „Lake13“.

If you interested in an
wallwork or graffiti,
please contact us or
visit our webpage! Atelier-LAKE has experiences with the professionally
realisation of small and big wallpaintings.

Hello world!

Vandalismdoesntexist is online on wordpress :)vandalismdoesntexist & icke3.0 shop
Customers can visit us at the new showroom.
Südstrasse 34 A
52064 Aachen.

wednesday 17.00 – 19.00.
more pictures here

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