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GRAFFITI-ART at the Euregio Outdoor!

Farbklaix art-supplys presents on three
days live Graffiti-art, Airbrushing and
Painting at the Euregio Outdoor Aachen.
The Graffiti-artist LAKE13 present his
artwork on canvases and t-shirts.
01.+02.+03.10.2010 Hall 5 / at the free-area
Euregio Outdoor Bendplatz Aachen
more pics here
Klenkes newspaper article (09 2010):

Aachener Kunstroute 2010!

The „Aachener Kunstroute“
is a yearly art-event from
gallerys, art-societys and
museums. From Saturday
the 25.september till
sunday the 26.september
2010 all members have
open doors and introduce
their artwork.
street-art and graffiti
at the gallery by the artists LAKE13. Guests are welcome!
more informations here
newspaper article at the movie

acrosstheborders and urbanstyles3.0

urbanstyles 3.0:
19. + 20.06.2010, Artists
from Calfornia, Berlin,
Düsseldorf, Aachen, have
presented their work
around street-art
(Raststätte Aachen). The
artist LAKE13 introduce
a sample of t-shirts and
prints. Visitors could
inspect various canvases
or Graffitipaintings and could shop for fresh fashion and design. more pictures here
Live painting at the Viaduct:
20.06.2010, Graffiti live
painting Action with LAKE13
(L.Kesseler), and Rew
(..straight from Berlin).
at the oldest rail-viaduct
Germany (Aachen).
more pictures here

urbanstyles and
live painting at
the newspapers
(AachenerNachrichten /

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