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Graffitigestaltung von Labor-equipment !

Im Auftrag der Firma Miltenyi Biotec GmbH hat der Künstler Lars Kesseler
(LAKE13) verschiedene „gentleMACS Octo“ Geräte für den Medizin-Technischen
Gebrauch mit Graffitikunst gestaltet. Entstanden ist eine limitierte Auflage der
Geräte mit verschiedenem Design.


Graffiti Design für Utimaco !

utimacoGraffitigestaltung durch den Künstler Lars Kesseler
(Lake13) auf den Fronten der Server von Utimaco,
welche auf der CARTES Secure Connexions Messe in
Paris auf einem Stand präsentiert wurden.


A PIECE OF FREEDOM is a politicaly art Event by the
pirate-party. Different artists rework election posters
and fight with creativity for freedom and justice!

The street-artist LAKE13 have arranged a colourful
sheep, to handle the topic.
The action take place nationwide, from march till
may 2010.
more infos here

Euregio ART and DESIGN

Euregio ART and DESIGN:
Exhibition and Shopping

…well-known artists and
designer will present their
work inside the rooms of
the painting-school
Farbklaix. Visitors are
invited to have a look and
shop for fresh fashion, art,
paintings and design!
The Event go along with different Live-acts (Body-painting, Live-Graffiti,..).
Date: 29.05.2010 / 17.00-22.00 h.
Location: Painting-school Farbklaix, Kasernenstr. Aachen.

More informations (and participation/
registration for artists and designers)

POTATO-ANIMAL with Graffiti structure!

…look at these giant
potato-animals! Two big
potatos with hooves and
The blow-up objects
are designed for Revus,
by the Design-bureaus
WeltundRaum and
Mainzair Aachen. The
surface texture are made
with spraycan, by the
Graffiti-artist LAKE13 (L.Kesseler).
more pictures here

VandalismDoesntExist NECKLET

necklet – only for Heroes!!!
Design by the old-school
artist Lake13. Made of metal
with Logo-sign on the front
and a engraving on the
Packed in a individually
painted Box and
delivered with a Reep-cord.
Limited Edition of 30 Pieces.
Available at the Vandalismdoesntexist showroom (Südstrasse)
or at the Vandalismdoesntexist Online shop.


Urban Trash Bags by Kirin-Design.
For daily use or to hide your little
things at the bathroom!

In co-operation with the
Old-school graffiti artist LAKE13.
The artist painted the truck-canvas
and experienced with the design
of drips…“Drips are the deepest
emotion of Street-Art!“
more pictures of the bags, here

The bags are available at
-Wilhelmstrasse Aachen.

WINGS of FREEDOM – caravan design

Free like a bird in the
wind….! This fresh camper
shows us his wings of
freedom and a big
birdhead on the top.

Painted on commission
for private client.
Designed and realized by
the street-artist and
designer „LAKE13“.
In cooperation with an
custom-car-garage in Belgium.
more pictures here

SIGN KEEPER: Key-ring with marker case

We are proudly present the
newest high-fashion
product „the SIGN KEEPER“.

The key-ring has an
marker-case made of
truck-canvas and an limited
Button with Graffiti-Style.
Each case was individually
painted by the artist and
designer „LAKE 13“.
In Cooperation with

Available as single-parts
with an empty pocket-marker and an strong limited key ring with case.
Gettable at the Vandalismdoesntexist showroom (Südstrasse – Aachen) or
at the vandalismdoesntexist Online shop

Buttons like jewels

The designer and artist
„LAKE13“ proudly presents
his „Buttons like jewels“.
The Buttons are available in
various designs, packaged
in a unique designed box.
Wearable as decoration on
clothes, bags or headwear.
Available at the Vandalism-
doesntexist store
(Südstr. – Aachen.).

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