URBAN STYLES 3.0 – Follow your passion

…URBAN STYLES 3.0 – Follow your passion (Art & Design Exhibition)
…From 18 to 20 June 2010,
under the title „Follow Your
Passion“, a group of passionate artists and designers will present their
artwork at the ‚Raststätte‘ / Lothringerstrasse /Aachen, Germany.
For a long weekend the artists will try to embody the very core of urban art.
Colourful art…
As a special highlight, the graffiti group will paint the exterior of the ‚Raststäte‘
live. The artwork from last year has not faded in glory, and wasn’t tagged at
all. Neither surprising nor scratched. It is just a characteristic of modern urban
art that it constantly renews itself from within.
Flea market spaces between art and experience…
Graffiti guerillas from more than three generations in a variety of forms of
expression will bring the ‚Raststätte‘ to life in June. A unique route between
the warehouse, yard and concert space will lead the visitor through the most
authentic gallery of Aachen. For the first time an additional space has been
added: the laundry. In fine weather, visitors will be able to browse the flea
market in the central courtyard, where they will hopefully find new designs for
their homes…..we hope to see ya!!! :)
more informations at: urbanstyles.blog.de

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